Monday, November 19, 2007

Secret of the Stole is looking GOOD!

This is clues 5 and 6-- COMPLETED!!!! On to clue 7, which is the current clue, so I'm caught up on it! I need to play catch up on Mystic Waters, as it has languished while I zoom thru this one. Oh, well, I'm proud to see the progress on my work. Minimal mistakes, few tinks back, NO frogging back to the lifelines. I feel good!

Update on the EMT front. I have only one more shift at the hospital that is required, with 2 more patient contacts. That should be easily done during that shift. The past 2 shifts with EMS haven't been active. I have enough patient transports, but no contact means no learning, so I'm thinking of requesting an additional shift this week, just for the experience, and the study time.

I got the highest grade in the class with Exam #3 last week! Even beat out my husband, who usually does better than I do. I have a lot of trouble remembering things from the time I read them to when we test. Still, I'm holding a decent GPA, so can't complain. We are off from class this week, because of Thanksgiving, back next Monday, will review for the Final, which we take on Wednesday! So I should be studying all this week. National testing is Dec. 12. We have 2 practice tests right now that we are to be going over, with the book, and that needs to be turned in by Dec. 1. I am about 100 questions into the first (150 total on each). Haven't touched the second test yet. Lots of work yet to do! We'll see how much I accomplish while on call with my local EMS-- I'm currently just an ambulance driver, not an EMT, with lots of down time to study and knit.

We should be licensed to practice before Christmas, if the testing goes well, the contact with the State and their acknowledging our grades quickly happens.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recent acquisitions

OK, got a little crazy-- for me, anyway. I hit Webs, Knit Picks and Wally World and got some fun stuff. I have a million projects going, with plenty of yarn to use during the next 4 lifetimes, but I go buy MORE!

6 balls of Bollicine from Cascade yarns. Am thinking this may lend it self to a nice, warm shawl. Still looking for the pattern I want to use.

One ball of On Line Supersocke 100 yarn in Holiday colorway. I just printed off a sideways sock that might look cool in this yarn. Haven't tried a sideways sock yet. It's an adventure!

Knit Picks, new 60" cables plus size 5 and 10 tips for them. Size 0 dpns in the Harmony wood. We'll see how they work out...

Knit Picks Shadow yarn in Campfire Heather. Unfortunately, it looks very University of Texas, burnt orange... Dh went to Texas A&M, so this color isn't allowed in my house. However, the Flavor Aid, in Tropical Punch red may be able to salvage it for me. I soaked all 3 hanks, mixed in the Kool Aid, and did a purposely uneven dye job. It's now draining, I'm not really impressed with the minor difference in the wet colors I see, but will wait until they are dry to see if we need to attempt another coloration.

It looks more brown in the picture than it does in real life. I like it here. It looks like sable in the photo.

I'm also attempting some knitting bags, the kind you hold your yarn in on your belt loop and can knit while you walk. I got the spring closures for that. My fabric store has them on sale for $ .13 each this week so I think I need to go back and pick up some more!

Another sewing project for our EMT uniforms, as well as the knitting bags. Iron on velcro, bias tape, and jean type snaps. Should be fun.

Clearance yarn from Walmart! The Bernat Super Stripes was more than 1/2 price, so it jumped into my cart. These will probably become hats for charity, so one ball of each was plenty.

These are good non-gender colors, so will be nice for either boys or girls, infants or kids on the Reservation that I send hats to, as well as the ones that go to the hospitals locally.

Strata, also at $2 each. I've started a scarf with one of these already. I'm hoping I can get a whole scarf done out of a single ball. We'll see if I can do 2 or 3 scarves from these.