Friday, January 30, 2009

Keeping up the good work!

I finished knitting a couple of items. A pair of socks for my nearly 18 yo son, and a cowl for my boss. Both out of stash yarns, which is my desire to go "Cold Sheep" for a while, not buy any yarn, but knit only out of my stash. So far, I've survived January! YAY! I'm doing a couple of challenges for this year thru one of my groups on Ravely like finishing 52 items over the course of the year and using up 100 balls of yarn from stash! I don't have 100 balls, as much of my yarn is on cones for machine knitting. So my equivalent, is that every 50 grams of coned yarn used equals a ball of yarn.

These are 80 stitches around, and took nearly 3 balls of Heart and Sole yarn by Red Heart. I hadn't tried it before, but bought some before Christmas. He likes them!


This is my boss' cowl, she complains about being cold around her neck this winter, so made this out of left over "I Love This Yarn" in camo colors, and it's worked ina linen stitch, from a pattern called Chickadee Cowl by Kirsten Kapur for her blog, "Through the Loops".

Cowl for my boss.

also on the fun horizon, I've been making some stitch markers. Will be offering them for sale in sets of 5, for $5. They're cute, and I enjoy making them.
new stitch markers, just made.

They are made of shell "coins" with 8 mm split rings, so they are a bit limited as to how big your knitting needles can go. I have used them on size 10 needles, which is the limit. It's snug, but they do work up to that size.

And, I have lost some weight! So I've updated my ticker!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weight loss goals for 2009

Trying to lose some weight this year, I've gained more than I thought to start out from, but between walking at least 10,000 steps a day, and riding several miles on the stationary bike, I hope to whittle down about 40 lbs. I'm following along with Dave Weaver, AKA Big Daddy Weave, a contemporary Christian artist, who is working on losing 90 lbs this year. I need to stay motivated, and accountable for my exercise. I haven't done well this month, as it's been colder, and I hate walking in the cold.