Sunday, July 15, 2007

the latest crafting

OK, starting this off, I've never done a blog-- but gotta start somewhere, I guess. Today, after church, dh and I got to eat out ALONE!!! No kids, and then went to a Terrorism Awareness class at our EMS barn. Both of us have signed up to become EMTs, and classes don't start until mid August-- good thing, as we haven't finished our applications! The instructor never showed, so we chatted with the other members for a couple of hours, then came home.

I sewed 12 baby laundry bags for Blue_bonnet_babies, which is a yahoogroup I belong to. These were made from 2 fabrics that i picked up at work, and will work for both boys and girls. These turned out cute, I think.

Tomorrow, is Tae Kwon Do for my oldest 2 sons, I go work out at my fitness center while they are in class. Hope to see some more sewing and knitting while the day passes.

Another of my BIG projects is the MS3
or Mystery Stole (3rd year) knit a long. I'm getting into the 3rd clue of it, as the schedule is working along.
This is my knitting after clue #1. It's a beautiful lacy work with matching beads. I'm sorry to say my camera doesn't do justice to the color I picked. My clue #2 pic does show it off better, tho. I wasn't sure of my expertise in knitting this lacy of a project, but I'm finding it relatively easy to follow the charts, and for the most part, keep the same number of stitches as the pattern says I need.

Here is clue 2 completed. It's a better view of the color, and you can see the beads I used. Had to use my ugly ironing board to pin it out so all can see it in it's glory. I'm about 15 rows into the next clue. Will take a pic of it when that is finished.

Tomorrow is my weekly weighing, and I'll get into how my exercise and dieting is going then.


firstcavalrywife said...

Great start on your Blog!!!! Congrats!!!!
-Dawn S in Killeen

Enid said...

Awsome Laurel....keep it comming!

Bev said...

Good job!