Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yesterday's activities and acquisitions

Couldn't get into this to post yesterday, so we'll try today.... I was out running errands, paid bills, dropped off my EMT academy application, and stopped off at my Premier Designs Jewelry manager (mom) to see the NEW jewelry that just was released! Gorgeous stuff! Hostess benefits right now are are a super high point as well! Right now, hostesses get not 30% of total sales in FREE jewelry, but 50% of total sales in FREE jewelry!!! PLUS the four $25 bonuses are still available! This is available from now till August 31st, so NOW is the time to book those parties and get them going! Since I want to order some new jewelry, my existing samples are heavily discounted! 25-50% off the retail price! Let me know if there is interest in those, and I'll get some pics taken to share.

Anyway, back to yesterday's activities.... I went with my manager to run a few errands with her, and since I wasn't driving, I was crocheting on a lap robe for a soldier at BAMC. I actually RAN OUT OF YARN!!! So here we are, over in the Medical Center, at least an hour from home, and I haven't anything to work on. Fortunately, Crossroads Mall was only a couple of miles away, and they have a Hobby Lobby and a JoAnn's there. I went to HL, and $40+ later, I was a happy camper. I got 3 rubber stamps to make a birthday card for my sister-- have to do that tonight and get it in the mail ASAP. Plus a few other rubber stamp supplies, cleaner, etc. I love the Bernat Denim yarns, so got a dark blue of that yarn. There's a knitted scarf called a Clapotis, from that is popular, so I got my Sinfonia yarn for that, which is the 3 skeins of teal/yellow. Then I saw the Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist that normally is priced at $6.64, and it's on sale for $ .99! So I HAD to get some of those colors. Plus a 16" circular knitting needle so I could start working on something. By the time I got back to my friend's house, I had completed a baby hat! Also pictured.

This adventure took all afternoon, so I didn't get in to work out at my fitness center, bummer there. I just went home and fixed supper for the family, knitted a few more rows on my MS3, started another baby hat, and went to bed.

Today was pretty boring, work, groceries, and home. I was supposed to go to fire fighter training, but my heel spur is acting up, so I'm passing on that. I did send my boys there and they are delivering a jewelry order for me, and showing off the Patriotic charm bracelet. This is a $10 bracelet, put out by Premier Designs, the profits from the sales are being donated to a fund to help the widows and children of soldiers who died in Iraq. In the month of June, they raised $21,000 from the sales of the bracelets, PLUS the company matched those funds, so a final donation was made for $42,000!!!! Sales are continuing, so these bracelets are still available! I have 3 on hand at the moment, but can order more very easily.

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