Monday, July 16, 2007


Today is nearly over, no pictures, not much done crafty-wise. I did get over an hour in exercising while my sons were at TKD this morning. Got the new Premier Designs catalog in the mail!!! LOVE the new jewelry, wish I could have gone to Dallas for the BIG National Rally this past weekend. I get to see some of the new stuff in person tomorrow morning! MAJOR hostess benefits are happening for those who will host a party for me-- not 30% in hostess benefits but 50% in FREE JEWELRY for parties held between now and the end of August! For those held before August 5th, I get an additional chance and some FREE Jewelry for my table! No guarantees on that, but the more parties I do, the better my chances are at getting it. Who wants some FREE JEWELRY from me????? Let me know. We do catalog parties, as well.

I went to get my fingers printed at the Sheriff's dept. today, I need that for my EMT academy application. So, that is ready to turn in tonight. We have an Air Life class this evening. Hopefully, this will go better than the Terrorism class we were supposed to have yesterday. Our instructor didn't show up...

I actually have a bit of time now to do some sewing, so better head over to that table and get something accomplished. Everyone have a good evening!

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