Wednesday, August 8, 2007

entering the scary zone!

I'm getting very personal here, and it is high in photos, so beware where you step... LOL.

Pictured here is my stash-- in high need of organization and upkeep. On the left, is my corner that I sit in most of the time to knit and watch TV. It needs work, but it holds my current projects. So that works for me. The other pictures have my stash, mostly from my bedroom corner where most of my stuff gets crammed. I am going to clean it up, so this is my official "BEFORE" pictures. Told you is was a scary zone! Can't say I didn't warn you. This isn't ALL of my stash, mind you, I'm not taking you into my closet, which is a big walk in closet, and you CAN'T walk in it because of all my my stash in there. Few clothes, mostly yarn and wool roving, fleeces and such. These aren't even all of the corner, there's a big table for my other knitting machine, boxes and baskets under it, a dresser full, a set of shelves beyond that, and then there's the dining room overflow.... YIKES!!!!

Top drawer on left

Second drawer on right
Third drawer is above on left

Left pic is the whole corner area that will be gutted and reorganized, hopefully, mostly this week, yet. Wish me luck!

Now, we get into a fun photo "technique" called Kinnearing which refers to trying to get pictures of famous people without them realizing you are taking their picture. We've taken it beyond that and were just shooting for fun within the family. The lovely shot above is my oldest daughter.

This is my younger daughter and one of the kittens on my lap-- it's too straight, isn't it to be a "real" Kinnear shot...

This is my second son, on one of the computers

My oldest daughter and my toes then my oldest son was taking pictures of himself holding our ferret, Sheba.


Suna said...

I just clicked off your sock knitters post and wanted to say hi from Austin. I enjoyed the photos of your stash. We have been fixing up my stash and other roooms around the house all summer. Hard work, but worth it. Enjoy your knitting and your lovely kids (I have two sons, 15 and 16).

Marisol said...

Great work.