Friday, August 31, 2007

MS3 is DONE!!!!!

It's DONE! It's DONE! It's DONE! Why would I be excited about it at all??? Who knows? but it's DONE!

I know my camera tends to take rotten pictures, to get a good view, the distance is enough you can't see details well (maybe it's the photographer's fault more than the camera's)

Anyway, it's getting blocked out on my bed, laid out on towels-- would have been better to had 2 solid colors behind it, I know. Oh, well. My beads don't show up well, but they are there!

Not bad for some acrylic yarn from my stash, huh? It's not your normal acrylic, I'll give you that, it's very soft, and doesn't feel like acrylic at all, anyway. It will be nice to wear for church and other activities.

EMS duties have been somewhat heavy, tho really non-existent, this week, that's a weird thing to deal with. I live far enough away that I can't stay home during my volunteer shifts, so I hang out in town. Studying for my EMT classes, exercising, shopping-- what little is available in my little town, and exercising at the fitness center, or walking in the park. My normal 12 hour shift is on Tuesdays, I substituted for 6 hours on Wednesday, and a whole shift Thursday. I get a lot of exercising done, and I've noticed some weight loss, finally. Maybe doing hours of crunches on the Bally Ball while watching TV is paying off? My muscle tone is much better, and my back doesn't hurt nearly as often as it used to, as well as my heel spurs don't act up-- that is mostly from changing work environments, I'm sure, getting off my feet at Wally World like I used to do.

Today is my "day off". Yeah, right. I'm doing home based stuff, for once, getting a few things caught up on with the kids-- even my teens were asking when I'd be home this week. Both dh and I were very busy all week, he's taking EMT classes along with me, so we aren't making it home Mondays and Wednesdays until nearly 11 pm!

Was playing phone tag with the college boy; he'd call, I'd be in a meeting, I'd call back, he'd be in class. Dad called, and I ignored him, also, as I was still in a meeting. Need to make phone calls today, don't I?

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Bev said...

Very nice job! Where'd you get your welding rods?