Sunday, August 5, 2007


I'm back to this blog! Figured out that I can't use Mozilla to log in properly, but Firefox will let me come in right away. DUH! OK, I finished clue 4 of my MS3, should get a pic up yet tonight to share what I've done. I already started clue 5, but haven't gotten too far with it. Ta da, here it is!

I completed several more baby hats to donate to charity, along with some "Cool Ties" to send to the troops overseas. It gets VERY hot in Iraq and the other countries we have soldiers in, so these help out. I have many in non-military colors that I sell for $5 each. Just let me know if anyone is interested in them. The profits help my volunteer fire dept. out.

This is the tied fleece blanket (from a kit, nothing fabulous) I made for my 7 yo son, he's thrilled. It was really easy, really not a sewing project, as there's NO SEWING involved. Oh, well, as long as he's happy, I'm happy, and one less quilt I have to make for my kids.

Here's goofy pics of my weird sleeping ferret. She has an outdoor cage-- AKA rabbit hutch, which is about the only cage we've found that will actually keep her inside of it. She likes to escape her inside cage, which isn't always bad, but a pain in the rear at times.

Some times she's not very lady like, is she?

Here are the "fruits" of my labors today-- well, the whole family's labors. In total, 17 jars of Mustang grape jelly, and 5 jars of pear preserves. Now the fun of cleaning up the kitchen. There's MORE grape juice ready for canning, and the kids want to go pick more grapes from the fence lines around our neighborhood.

My hot water bath for finishing the canning process had to be in my electric roaster, as all my stock pots were busy with various juice processes. It worked, so I'm happy with it. Nothing else holds 12 jars at once.

Only one week until my EMT classes start. I bought myself an EMT/firefighter window decal for my car-- won't put it on until I get certified, tho. Just to make sure I make it thru the whole academy training. Fire academy doesn't get going again until late September-- too hot to hang around all day in bunker gear right now, so hopefully, it will cool down a bit by then. We'll finish our basic certification in December, about the time we finish the EMT training.

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Birdwell said...

Your MS3 is so pretty!! Good job. Melanie also talked about an edging--I can't wait to see what she plans to add.

Gee I got tired just reading your do you manage?